Professional - Live Love Lash

Live Love Lash has two locations in the Denver area and provides personalized and professional beauty treatments to local and worldwide clientele. It is my honor to have yet another opportunity to spend some time with these talented ladies updating their headshots and taking team photos.

Corporate - ERP

It was such a pleasure to once again get the opportunity to work with ERP Advisors. Their staff is so kind and I really enjoy being able to help them create relevant  and engaging content for their social and professional networks. They provide such a valuable service to so many different industries. I very much look forward to working with them more in the future!

Corporate - ERP Advisors Group

Corporate Photography - Denver, CO

It's always an honor to be asked to help add value to businesses in the Denver area. ERP Advisors Group are Business Management Consultants who work with companies of all sizes to help find the best business tools to for growth and development. I had the privilege of joining them for a recent informational meeting at the historic Union Station in downtown Denver to capture some marketing and branding photos. We also set aside some time to take some headshot photos of their hard working team. A big thanks to the team at ERP Advisors Group for allowing me to be a part of your day!